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Towing & Roadside Assistance in Morden, MB

Are you stranded on the highway in the middle of a snowstorm? Has your vehicle suffered damage after a collision? You can rely on us at Midnite Towing. We provide a full spectrum of towing and roadside assistance in Morden. Our company has the equipment to transport your vehicle, regardless of its size and the extent of the damage. Moreover, we have the skills and experience to provide you with dependable roadside assistance when you're stuck on the road. 

If you require towing and roadside assistance in Modern, please get in touch with us immediately.

Towing Services

There are many kinds of situations involving different types of vehicles that might require towing services. For this reason, we provide a complete list of towing services that take every requirement into account. Our towing services include:

car being towed

With their modern-wheel system, our light-duty towing trucks provide agility and efficiency. These trucks don't have to contact your vehicle to lift it off of the ground. Their properties allow them to provide towing services to a diverse range of vehicles, ranging from cars to lightweight trucks. Our light-duty trucks enable us to provide you with the right assistance in several types of situations such as accident recovery, cases of abandoned vehicles and private property towing.

medium size truck being towed

Like our light-duty trucks, those of medium-duty provide the elimination of contact between the truck and the vehicle. These trucks offer both agility and strength in towing, which is valuable for pulling vehicles out of many tricky situations. With these trucks' help, we can assist with all kinds of vehicles, ranging from delivery trucks to recreational vehicles.

heavy machine being towed

Our heavy-duty towing trucks enable us to remove your vehicle even from the most severe mishaps without damaging it further. These trucks come with increased pulling power that helps us recover heavy-duty vehicles. We can recover and transport some of the heaviest vehicles, such as buses and cranes.

Roadside Assistance

The need for roadside assistance can fall on anyone on the road.

We provide a complete list of customer-friendly roadside assistance services, including:

If you require roadside assistance in Morden but are unsure if we can help, please contact us immediately.

Flat tire

Motorcycle towing

Truck boosting

Truck towing

Emergency road service

Dead batteries

Heavy truck towing


We Can Tow Vehicles of All Sizes

We have the equipment to tow all kinds of vehicles without damaging them further.

car stranded on road

Are You Stranded on the Road?

You can rely on us to meet your roadside assistance needs, regardless of what they are.

locked out of the car

Have You Been Locked Out of Your Car?

We provide 24/7 roadside assistance, including lockout services.

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