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Heavy-Duty Towing Assistance in Morden, MB

We understand that as the driver of a heavy-duty vehicle, a collision or breakdown can put you in a tough spot. It can halt your operations and leave you stranded on the highway. For this reason, we at Midnite Towing try our hardest to make the situation manageable for you by providing you with efficient heavy-duty towing services in Morden. Our heavy-duty towing trucks have the capacity and strength to recover vehicles from even the most challenging situations such as accidents, roll-overs, breakdowns and water submergence. 

When clients like you contact us, we make it our priority to reach your location with the right help, as fast as we can. Our team has the skills to meet the towing and recovery demands of all types of heavy-duty vehicles. We follow a client-centred approach and make sure to not damage your vehicle further while recovering it.

Our company also provides light-duty and medium-duty towing assistance. Please get in touch with us immediately if you require assistance with your heavy vehicle.

heavy equipment being towed


Our heavy-duty towing trucks offer heavy strength and pulling power.

This allows them to provide assistance to several types of heavy vehicles, including:

Farm equipment
Dump trucks
Cement trucks
And more

Roadside Assistance

Our equipment and skill allow us to provide roadside assistance to vehicles of all types and sizes. We can meet all of your roadside assistance needs, from flat tires to battery failures. When you reach out to us for help, we arrive where you need us, as fast as we can.

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Contact Us

If you require towing services or roadside assistance for your heavy-duty vehicle, please call us.


Quick and Efficient Roadside Assistance

We can recover your vehicle and provide you with the right help.

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